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HELLO BIKINI BODY MOMMIES! Can you believe it’s already the first week of NOVEMBER?! You know what that means… the holidays are just around the corner!  Are you ready to kick the BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE into HIGH GEAR so you can look AH-MAZING in your family holiday photos this year?!

If mentally you said “HECK YEAH!” but in reality you are someone who is struggling right now with accountability, motivation, and are lost in terms of your nutrition–– then I have a special TIME-SENSITIVE opportunity FOR YOU!

Remember last year when I stopped offering my online mentoring program and the opportunity to be COACHED BY ME 1-on-1? Well for 4 WEEKS ONLY I am bringing back my special “one-on-one” online mentoring client program—so you better HURRY! This is a 1 TIME OFFER and spots are not only extremely limited, but will be also be filled on a first come first served bases.

If you are interested in working with me one-on-one for the next 4-weeks and are ready to get incredible results like my online clients Mina, Brenna, Jamie, and Heather above, it’s NOT TOO LATE!

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The Bikini Body Mommy virtual coaching experience is designed to be a direct one-on-one training experience with me, either via phone or Skype – whichever works better for you. We will meet for 30 minutes each week, and you will have daily access in between those meetings via email.

We will assess your starting point, work through your vision of where you ultimately want your body to be, build goals to support that, develop a plan, and then systematically work through the details of that plan via action steps that focus weekly on your mindset, motivation, nutrition, and workouts. Each week you will have a homework assignment and you will be required to provide daily check-ins.

THIS IS ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING RIGHT? ABSOLUTELY! For what we intend to do, it wouldn’t be beneficial to work with a group. It’ll be just the two of us.

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You are committing to working with me for 4 weeks. Why? Well, how would either of us know if you’re making progress if you stop after a week?

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SIGN UP, or FIND OUT MORE INFORMATION: Send me an email: if you’re interested, and I’ll send you some information so we can get started!  Remember that this is a time sensitive opportunity and spots are LIMITED!  Let’s make this your FRESH START!  I’m ready if you are!