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MARK YOUR CALENDARS: I’m excited to announce that I will be kicking off THE NEXT official Bikini Body Mommy Challenge here on my Website, FaceBook, and YouTube  — 2 WEEKS from TODAY!

THAT’S RIGHT… Beginning Monday, SEPTEMBER 8TH I will be walking you through each of the 90 days, right here … in real time. You’ve all seen what this last round of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 2.0 helped me achieve with my own body –> … NOW IT’S YOUR TURN TO GET IT RIGHT!

This round I have A TON of NEW & EXCITING TOOLS coming your way to help make this next round of the challenge YOUR MOST SUCCESSFUL YET!!!!

Can you say… BRAND NEW RECIPES, WEEKLY MEAL PLANS, and Shopping lists — for 5 Meals/per day — for less than $10/mth?! ***Don’t forget that these workouts are not enough to get you to your goal, Nutrition is over 80% of the battle when it comes to transforming your body and yep! I make even that part EASY!!! You can literally be eating EVERYTHING I’M EATING 5x per day as I Transform my own body in REAL TIME. Check it out and sign-up for your FREE WEEK TRIAL HERE:

Can you say… HARD COPIES OF THE OFFICIAL 90 DAY CHALLENGE SUCCESS JOURNALS?! Yep… They are IN STOCK and ready to ship internationally, but you better hurry… Delivery time is running between 2-4weeks and I want to make sure you receive it before my next BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE begins on SEPT. 8TH!

Can you say… PRINTABLE WORKOUT CARDS, videos, and exclusive daily motivation … Delivered every day DIRECTLY INTO YOUR INBOX?! Yep. Don’t rely on logging into social media to find your workouts everyday — join the other 150k SMART Bikini Body Mommies who LET ME SEND EVERYTHING TO THEM EVERY MORNING FOR FREE!!!! You can sign up to receive them by subscribing here:

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail… SEPT. 8TH is literally around the corner!!! Don’t wait Until Last Minute… Set yourself up to be successful NOW by getting your schedules in order Mommies … and let’s plan for a greatest challenge in the history of BIKINI BODY MOMMY!

DON’T FORGET: Summer bodies are made in the winter! We can do it together! Having multiple ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS is PROFOUNDLY IMPORTANT to your SUCCESS — TAG ANYONE who you’d like to join you on this challenge!

Join the Movement .. Become an After!

Lets do this!!!
xx, -Briana