SUCCESS STORY: Meet Stephanie P.

Success Story StephanieI’m a 33 year old stay at home wife and mom of two sweet babies! Our son Grayson is 5 years old and our daughter Caroline is 18 months. Being a mom is by the far the hardest, yet most rewarding job I’ve ever had and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!! I’ve been married to my husband Brandon for almost 9 years and we are small business owners as well. Becoming a mother has not been the easiest thing for me, as I struggle with infertility due to PCOS and not ovulating. We conceived our son Grayson after 8 months of trying and 1 round of Clomid. Then we suffered a devastating miscarriage at 10 weeks with our second baby. Following that loss I had 3 D&C surgeries due to remaining tissue and other issues. It was a nightmare. Due to the low egg count and reduced egg quality, we consulted a fertility specialist who recommended we pursue In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We were blessed with our daughter on our first round and have 2 frozen embryos for the future.

Throughout all the physical trauma of being pregnant, losing our sweet baby, several procedures and my third pregnancy/delivery, my body was a wreck. I tipped the scale at 191lbs the day I gave birth to our daughter on June 5, 2015. I was induced with preeclampsia and struggled with my blood pressure following her birth.

Motherhood is hard but what I wasn’t prepared for after having my children was my deep struggle with postpartum anxiety. It’s often a silent struggle and one that hit me like a truck shortly after our son was born. The overwhelming feelings of anxiety, despair, fear and lack of control are absolutely paralyzing and isolating. Thankfully I was able to seek out the help and support that I needed to work towards being the most healthy version of myself. That journey has not been easy and one that I work on each and every day. Being consistent with the exercise and health is one of the key components to my mental health; while having the support of my husband, family and close friends.

I lost 50lbs prior to getting pregnant with our son on Weight Watchers, but losing the weight after him was SOOOO much harder. While struggling with my emotions and becoming a stay at home mom, food was my comfort and I’ve always been an emotional eater. As long as I can remember, I’ve had a very negative self image, never being able to see myself as others do. I’ve been 5’6” since I was 10 years old and weighed 150lbs. After having our daughter I was determined that I would get back in shape, lose the weight and become healthy physically, emotionally and mentally. I’m happily sacrificed my body to bring my babies into the world, but I wanted it back and to become fit and healthy again.


In October 2015, I started your Bikini Body Mommy 6 Week Mini Challenge but had a difficult time being consistent and struggled with a lot of sickness throughout our house last Fall. I was determined to do better. I started the Bikini Body Mommy Resolution Challenge 3.0 on January 4, 2016 and I am proud to say that I’ve done EVERY SINGLE DAY since!!! After the Resolution Challenge, the moms group on FB that I’m in started BBM 4.0 while we waited for 5.0 to start. Then as soon as 5.0 started we jumped in. After completing it, I went onto to do the BBM 6-Week Couples Challenge and each of the 4 week LIVE Slim Downs.

Currently I’ve begun BBMC 6.0 LIVE and it’s been amazing!!! I haven’t missed ONE day! Even took my weight/computer/success journal with me when we went on a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean, Pigeon Forge AND even to Disney World! That is one of the things that I love most about BBM!! You truly can do it ANYWHERE!! No matter what is going on, I can always get my workout in and being a super busy mom I need something that is easily accessible to my lifestyle! I just don’t have the time to load us all up, go to a gym, spend an hour etc.

I found something even more valuable that weight lost or a smaller pant size when I found BBM. I found MYSELF! It’s so easy to lose yourself as a mom and so hard to find time just for yourself. When our babies are small there is always someone that needs you and at the end of the day you just don’t have anything left to give to yourself. I didn’t want that to be the example that I set for our children. I love being a mom and wouldn’t change it, but I want my children to value certain things and the only way for me to accomplish that is to value them myself. Every night we put our daughter to bed around 7:30p and everyone in the house knows that it’s mommy’s time to workout. Sometimes our son joins in and it’s super fun! He’s always telling me how strong mommy is and loves talking about what my workout is for the night. I LOVE that. My health and fitness routine is an integral part of our family structure now and I have NEVER felt better!! Yes, I am thrilled with how I look and fit into my clothes now. I’ve lost all my baby weight from both my pregnancies too!

More than ALL of the numbers; I am a woman, wife and mom that I’m PROUD of and I’m confident in who I am. I still struggle some days to see myself as I truly am, but I’ve never been is such a positive place as I am now. I thrive at being able to support and encourage other moms to take the time to invest in themselves so they too can be the best version of themselves! I cannot express enough how much the Bikini Body Mommy community has completely changed my life and I’m forever grateful!


Stephanie P.



If transformation ‘photos’ are great, then VIDEO is going to be even better – Right?!?!  
Well get ready BIKINI BODY MOMMY, because every Monday and Tuesday I will be featuring BBM SUCCESS STORIES to help motivate and inspire you between now and the start of BikiniBodyMommy™ Challenge 3.0.
Today, you get to meet Mina :)
Video Link:

Her Story:
My Name is Minna. I am a 30 year old mother to my 3 year old son Adrianne, and we live in Sweden.  I first found BikiniBodyMommy™ on Instagram about a year ago when I was really depressed, hopeless, and unhappy with my post-baby body… even though my son was 3 years old at the time and I had no excuse for still having the “baby-belly.” I really connected with Briana’s lifestyle philosophy and approach to losing weight, and I quickly became addicted to her posts.
I fell in love with everything she stood for. She gave me hope. She was a mom dealing with the same REAL-LIFE issues and insecurities I was dealing with, but still managed to transform her own body after gaining much weight and having two more children than ME. The way she put her self out there and publicly made her own transformation happen, inspired me to try.
I started following Briana’s challenge exercises and her weekly meal plan and my body responded FAST.  Within 10 Days my “mommy-belly” had diminished to the point that I could actually begin to see the tone of my abs. Within 45 Days I had completely transformed my body and my mindset, and by Day 90 I had a NEW LIFE. I can’t encourage enough women who are feeling the same way I was, to give Briana’s BikiniBodyMommy workouts and nutrition plan a try– it is like nothing you have ever tried before…. BikiniBodyMommy™ changed my LIFE!


Success_Stories_Lisa B_Site

Meet BIKINI BODY MOMMY Lisa B! What I love about her story is the relatability to “Life getting in the way,” and how she didn’t totally throw in the towel and give up when it did… 40 POUNDS and -18 INCHES later, HERE IS HER STORY:
Briana -
I can’t thank you enough for the encouragement, and the free challenge.  I started the challenge 6 weeks after having my second daughter. I had to stop on Day 45 due to surgery. After about 3 weeks of recovery I started the challenge again from Day 1. I lost all of the baby weight gained with my second child. A total of 40lbs. I also lost an amazing 18 total inches! 6 inches alone in my hips!
I am going to be starting your challenge again in just a week or so… and I can’t wait for 3.0. to begin on January 6th! My goal is to lose the last 30 lbs that I gained from my first daughter. No Excuses! It was amazing to see the results. I never would have thought I made the changes I did without the before and after photos. 
Thank you so much for all that you have done! You have changed my life!!
CONGRATS Lisa!!! THANK YOU for being brave enough to share your Progress Photos with ME along with all of the other Bikini Body Mommies in the Community! Your results are SO INSPIRING … look at YOU!!!! I know it has to feel pretty gosh darn AH-MAZING… I can’t wait to see your photos after the next 90 Days! SEPTEMBER 8TH HERE WE COME….  xx,-Briana

If You DID IT, SHARE IT. It’s ok to brag…


IF YOU DID IT, SHARE IT. It’s ok to brag…

As mothers, we are used to supporting, encouraging, and congratulating everyone else on their accomplishments in life — but rarely do we do the same for our own. In fact… I think many times we almost feel like we need “permission” to boast about our accomplishments. Well permission has been GRANTED Bikini Body Mommies…

If YOU Just Completed My 90 Day BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE the WORLD SHOULD KNOW. Posting the image above is a great way to share it with your friends, and is a much less terrifying alternative to the idea of blasting your social network feed with your 90 Day #BikiniBodyMommyChallenge Progress pics :)


P.s. DONT FORGET to come back here to my blog or Facebook on Monday for the 1st Workout of the “4-week series” that will fill the gap between NOW and my next Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 2.0 Which is set to begin MONDAY, MAY 5TH!


Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 5.08.38 PM

In Need of a little MOTIVATION MONDAY? Meet BIKINI BODY MOMMY Christine!  The above photos are her progress after ONLY 50 DAYS of following my BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE, and if you are anything like me, I’m sure her progress photos will make your jaw hit the floor!

I HER WORDS…Here is a small snipet about her journey thus far…

“Thank you so much for this Bikini Body Mommy Challenge, your Meal Plan, your inspiration & the courage to get out in front of the world & do this for us all!!!

I had to share these photos, because it helps me see how far I’ve come in just 50 short days!! Even though today is DAY 58 — just 32 days left!! I haven’t weighed in, but I’m not to worried about the scale, I see difference & I’m down 5 sizes in jeans!! I’m so proud of myself, not to mention I’m far from my long life goal but I’m already so much more confident!

How’s THAT for Inspiration?! ISN’T SHE AMAZING?!

Congrats Christine… Your progress is phenomenal!

*If you are on Instagram you can follow her BIKINI BODY MOMMY journey @Fitness_Diary2014


Bikini Body Mommy Success Story Ashley FMeet BIKINI BODY MOMMY Ashley F.

“Briana — I just want to thank you for dedicating your time to helping others better themselves. I had no intentions of working out or changing anything about myself when I happened across your page on Facebook. I was at a comfortable weight and after having my son two years ago, I had accepted that I would never wear a bikini again. Not to blame it all on my child, i have always had a “muffin top” but after having him it was worse. After viewing results photos on your page, I thought why not. I decided to commit myself to your program and knew if I wanted results I had to change my eating habits as well. I thought to myself, I need to loose 5 lbs but 10 would be great.

Well 16 POUNDS, 21 INCHES, and TWO PANT SIZES later, I look better than I ever have (just in time for my 30’s). I still have some work to do and can’t wait to get started in January building some muscle, but i’m glad I kept those bikinis around 

So thank you from this tired overworked and overwhelmed mommy of a two year old for designing a plan that we (mommies) can fit into our schedule!
Ashley Faile”

Thank You Ashley for being brave enough to share your 90 Day results with ME and all of the other Bikini Body Mommies in the Community! Your results are SO INSPIRING … look how FLAT your tummy is NOW!!!! I know that has to feel pretty gosh darn AH-MAZING… I can’t wait to see your next photos after the next 90 Days! JANUARY 6TH HERE WE COME….  xx,-Briana

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Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.32.30 AM

Meet BIKINI BODY MOMMY Nikko M. — She moved me to TEARS <3

Here is her story: “Back in February I stumbled across your program. I really needed to do something. It had been 4 years since I had my last baby and I was so tired of being overweight. I was embarrassed to go places because of what I looked like. I even had this crazy thought that people would see how beautiful my kids were and then wonder how they got that way after looking at me. So I started your program March 1st of this year.

It was HARD and I for sure thought I was going to die after those first two days. I did your workouts in my living room in front of my kids and after a while they would remind me if I didn’t do my workout for that day. I couldn’t give up with them watching me. After a few weeks they would even try to do them with me. It was amazing to watch them copying my moves and knowing I was instilling good habits into them. My 7 year old even joined the running club at school because he “wanted to run like mommy does.”

I struggled through those first 90 days not thinking that anything was changing. Boy was I wrong. I was so proud of myself when I finished that I actually cried. If you knew me you would know that crying isn’t something I do often. It was around that time that I posted my first transformation photos in the MLFC group. Dawn was one of the girls that took notice and started asking question about your program. During my 2nd round of your program she formed our BBM group. That group really pushed me to stay accountable.

I just finished my 3rd round of your program and I’m thrilled with my results. I haven’t lost much actual weight because the first two rounds I really only focused on the workouts. I needed to get that in place before I added in the food part. I knew that if I did what I could a little at a time I wouldn’t give up like I had in the past.

So after 3 rounds I’m down 12lbs, 25 inches, really 26.5 if you don’t count the 1.5 inches I somehow gained in my chest (went from a 36B to a 36C …maybe all the push-ups? , and went from a tight 18/19 to a loose 13/14. I’m so close to getting those 12’s buttoned! I really can’t believe how much my body has changed. I never thought that my pictures would inspire people, but after posting them in our BBM group and getting such great feedback I knew that I should send them to you.

I’m sure there’s another mom out there that feels the way I did 9 months ago. Looking at those first pictures of myself is heartbreaking. You can see how unhappy I was just from the look on my face. I will NEVER go back there again.

Thank you so much for putting your program out there for people like me! Your program changed way more than just my body. I feel confident for the first time in a very long time. That means more than a number on the scale or what the tag on my pants say. That confidence is what keeps me going even on the days when I really don’t want to work out. Round 4 here I come! – Nikko 

***Nikko!!!! Thank you SO much for proving that my methods WORK and that photos speak volumes over what the scale says every time… To say “Im proud of you” for the dedication you’ve shown far beyond the initial 90 days, would be an embarrassing understatement. Seriously… There are no words. I know there are thousands of other BIKINI BODY MOMMIES who will relate to your starting point and journey along the way! Thank you for being both brave and vulnerable enough to motivate and inspire the masses to join you in the next round of challenge on JANUARY 6TH! Your DETERMINATION is nothing short of AWE-INSPIRING! xx,-Briana

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Bikini Body Mommy Success Story Ashley

Meet BIKINI BODY MOMMY Ashley who just completed my BIKINI BODY MOMMY 90 DAY CHALLENGE! If you are anything like ME, your jaw just hit the ground over her 90 Day progress photos! Ashley — you Are INCREDIBLE … Thank You for being vulnerable enough to share your photos with ME and the rest of the bikini body mommy community … Your results are nothing short of AH-MAZING! xx, -Briana

HAVE YOU SENT ME YOUR PROGRESS PICS YET? If you haven’t … Please do so over the next few days…(email! Im dying to see your progress!!!! And just as an FYI– Emailing them to me does NOT mean they’ll be broadcast to the BBM Community! I will never share your story or photos without your expressed consent — so please… However small the changes seem PLEASE EMAIL THEM TO ME!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The next Bikini Body Mommy Challenge STARTS JANUARY 6TH and is going to be chalked full of surprises that promises to make it the most exciting challenge yet! Start Recruiting your girlfriends NOW … I can’t wait to meet and connect with you all!!!! xx,-B