Hi my name is Nikko!

Back in February I stumbled across your program. I really needed to do something. It had been 4 years since I had my last baby and I was so tired of being overweight. I was embarrassed to go places because of what I looked like. I even had this crazy thought that people would see how beautiful my kids were and then wonder how they got that way after looking at me. So I started your program March 1st of this year.

It was HARD and I for sure thought I was going to die after those first two days. I did your workouts in my living room in front of my kids and after a while they would remind me if I didn’t do my workout for that day. I couldn’t give up with them watching me. After a few weeks they would even try to do them with me. It was amazing to watch them copying my moves and knowing I was instilling good habits into them. My 7 year old even joined the running club at school because he “wanted to run like mommy does.”

I struggled through those first 90 days not thinking that anything was changing. Boy was I wrong. I was so proud of myself when I finished that I actually cried. If you knew me you would know that crying isn’t something I do often. It was around that time that I posted my first transformation photos in the MLFC group. Dawn was one of the girls that took notice and started asking question about your program. During my 2nd round of your program she formed our BBM group. That group really pushed me to stay accountable.

I just finished my 3rd round of your program and I’m thrilled with my results. I haven’t lost much actual weight because the first two rounds I really only focused on the workouts. I needed to get that in place before I added in the food part. I knew that if I did what I could a little at a time I wouldn’t give up like I had in the past.

So after 3 rounds I’m down 12lbs, 25 inches, really 26.5 if you don’t count the 1.5 inches I somehow gained in my chest (went from a 36B to a 36C …maybe all the push-ups? , and went from a tight 18/19 to a loose 13/14. I’m so close to getting those 12’s buttoned! I really can’t believe how much my body has changed. I never thought that my pictures would inspire people, but after posting them in our BBM group and getting such great feedback I knew that I should send them to you.

I’m sure there’s another mom out there that feels the way I did 9 months ago. Looking at those first pictures of myself is heartbreaking. You can see how unhappy I was just from the look on my face. I will NEVER go back there again.

Thank you so much for putting your program out there for people like me! Your program changed way more than just my body. I feel confident for the first time in a very long time. That means more than a number on the scale or what the tag on my pants say. That confidence is what keeps me going even on the days when I really don’t want to work out. Round 4 here I come!
– Nikko


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