Make Eating Like A Bikini Body Mommy Easy. Weekly Meal Plans, Shopping Lists & Recipes Delivered Straight to Your Inbox.

If you’re going to follow the Bikini Body Mommy Nutrition strategies outlined in my bestselling “Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint,” you need to know what meals and snacks to eat and what to buy at the grocery store. That’s what my Bikini Body Mommy Meal Plan Subscription provides you with: a weekly menu for two people, fresh recipes, and a grocery list to accompany it.
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    Each week, you will be provided with a fresh meal plan,
    delicious recipes, and a complete shopping list that
    includes options for food substitutions.


    The shopping list outlines all the food you’ll need for
    the whole week, leaving little to no waste at the end,
    saving you money.


    Using NEW RECIPES (not found in my books), you will
    make delicious, healthy Bikini Body Mommy Meals, all
    without having to worry about the what, when, or how. 

Dive Into The Details of Following The Plan



My meal plan is far more than just a few dinner suggestions, it’s a complete system for eating like a Bikini Body Mommy. First, I provide a meal plan covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and TWO snacks. Next, I take into account the seasonality of foods, leftovers, and complexity of meals during the week. I even make sure you’ll be using all of the ingredients you buy throughout the week, meaning you’ll throw away less. Lastly, I rotate recipes just enough to allow you to learn how to be efficient in the kitchen, but introduce new ones regularly so you’re always trying new and interesting dishes.


All of my meal plans are based around a two-person household. Just cooking for one? Have a household? No problem, my shopping lists have each item and the meal it applies to in a simple, straightforward list that makes altering the quantity needed — a snap!

Bikini Body Mommy Meal Plan


Weekly Meal Plans

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The Bikini Body Mommy Meal Plan Subscription is a weekly meal plan designed to take the hassle & confusion out of eating like a Bikini Body Mommy. You will be provided a complete shopping list, meal plan, and all the recipes you’ll need for the entire week, making it easy to have a week’s worth of delicious, Bikini Body Mommy-ready food in your kitchen. Dive Into The Details of Following The Plan