DAY 5 (12 Days of FITNESS Mini Workout Challenge): Helicopter Planks


Welcome to DAY 5 of the Bikini Body Mommy 12 DAYS of FITNESS Challenge! Everyday —for the next 7 Days— I’ll be featuring a BRAND NEW EXERCISE MOVE that you can expect to see in my upcoming BBM 90 DAY CHALLENGE that we begin filming on JANUARY 2nd! If you haven’t joined the challenge yet (YES, it’s still FREE!) click here:

Here is your DAY 5 Workout MINI-Challenge Should you choose to accept: HELICOPTER PLANK

1. Set Your Timer for 1 Minute.
2. Perform as many reps non-stop (WITH THE FIRST ARM) as you can before the timer ends. *REPEAT FOR 1 MINUTE WITH THE OTHER ARM
3. Report back in down below with you personal score and CHALLENGE a FRIEND to do it too by tagging them down below!

Good Luck!

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