DAY 1: Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 2.0

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Just as a reminder, before we get started: The BRAND NEW 3.0 Challenge is COMING your way on JANUARY 6th 2015, but today we OFFICIALLY kick off the improved version of your BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE 2.0 with new supporting documents, “sunday skinny” videos, and more daily tips & support for your success!!! – Are You Ready?

These next 90 days are going to be AH-MAZING, and I’m so excited to share it with all of you!!!
I hope that you have logged in today and are ready to BRING ALL YOU’VE got … because we’re making some SERIOUS progress over these next 90 Days!

I’m really excited and hope you are too! WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW
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As PROMISED … Here is your WORKOUT for DAY 1!  It’s  STRENGTH TRAINING day.
Get your Interval timers ready!
• 12 MINUTE EXERCISE – 8 exercises(1 minute workout, 30 seconds of rest for each)
   Squat Curl Press
   Squat Jumps
   Bent Over Rows
   Speed Skaters
   Tricep Dips
   Skip in Place
   Forward Lunge DB touch
   Plank “Up-Downs”


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I hope you have a FANTASTIC Day 1 BIKINI BODY MOMMY!  Be sure to keep an eye out tomorrow for your next workout.
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  1. SANDRA says

    Hello Briana, the link for the video don’t play, this morning I searched the video on You tube for to do my 1st day, have a good day see you tomorrow ;) ant thank you for all!!!! Sandra of France ( excuse me for my bad english ) :(

  2. Chelsea Gouin says

    I love the new layout. I have been a fan since your first video challenge. I have enjoyed becoming the “new” me, thanks to your help. Keep it up!!!!!

  3. Emily says

    Done! Thank you for giving us these workouts. I love the challenge and need to challenge myself to stick through it this time. I get my workouts done in the early a.m. and appreciated having the workout in my inbox for my 5:30 wake up time. Thanks again!

  4. Desi says

    Hooray! I’m so excited to start this 2.0 Challenge! I lost 42 inches on my first challenge and I can’t wait to see the results of this challenge!

  5. Shonda says

    Day 1 Done! This is my first time doing your workout. I really like the structure. I have my journal and I recorded all my information. I’m ready for 90 days!!

  6. Nicolena says

    Day 1 completed! I did the first 90 day challenge in March and loved my results but slacked off during the summer. I am excited to kick it back into gear and work out with you in real time! Thank you so much for this awesome resource!

  7. Michelle H says

    Day 1 Complete! I just finished the first round of 2.0 last week. I loved it but didn’t focus on the nutrition the way I should have. Starting over the right way this time for even better results!

  8. Catherine says

    First day is complete. Yay! I do have a question though. I started the Original BBM Challenge a couple months ago and I did well the first two weeks but I got sick and took some days off, when I felt better I didn’t know if I should pick up where I left off or if I should’ve started back on whatever day it actually was. I didn’t do either I psyched myself out and stopped all together. So what do you recommend in those situations so that people like me don’t give up?

  9. Catherine says

    Wow. I knew I was overweight and figured I was out of shape, but this was a wake up call. A 12 minute workout left me out of breath and soaked in sweat. Thank you for showing me how far I have to go…and walking with me as I get there.

  10. Brooke snell says

    love the new layout!! just finished day 1!! I was on day 30 but missed a few too many days so I am starting over with everyone else!!

  11. Marquita says

    Despite being stuck with a cold from hubby who passed it on to our daughter too, I managed to find somehow; to get done with the workout! I sweated more than I do at the gym :p

  12. Anna says

    I registered with the above email and it won’t let me log in. Says username not valid. Yet. . . I keep getting the updates in that very email. . . I confirmed. Sort of frustrating.

  13. Fathima Rahim says

    Hi Briana ,

    I just officially completed the day 1 workout and I feel awesome !! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation

  14. Sarah castorena says

    Hi! I barely started day 1 of the 90 day challenge, and I feel great! I can’t wait to finish my 90 days and see the new me thank you so much!! :)

  15. Clair says

    done! I did a quick YouTube searched of day 1 and put my all into it…. After if finished I went back to your blog to write down the name of each workout for my journal and saw I did last years workout! Gasp! I think we compare numbers later so I pushed through this years day 1 right after. I’m pooped. Thanks for the workout.


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