1937443_545880492183945_4405490818144096507_nSAME GIRL, SAME BIKINI…. 

So whats the difference between these two photos? 21 months • +8.75 pounds • a 4th pregnancy… a devastating miscarriage • a public 6 month post-pregnancy transformation • a [now] globally recognized brand • and a multi-million fitness movement following of some of the bravest, most dynamic, inspiring, and change-provoking women (and men!) this world has ever seen. That’s right BIKINI BODY MOMMIES (and Boardshort-Daddies/Man-kini Men)– I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU!

Honestly guys, words can’t express how grateful I am to each and every single one of you for your ongoing support since founding BIKINI BODY MOMMY after my initial 100 Pound transformation a little less than 2 years ago. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for not only connecting with, but embracing the vulnerability, realness, and courage that it’s taken to publicly put myself out there everyday for you all. Thank you for bringing me into your homes everyday, and for sharing your families with me…. And mine with YOURS. Thank you for embracing my BBM philosophy, and for all of the energy you exert everyday to adapt the principles that make it a part of your lifestyle — I know it’s not easy.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST… Thank you for taking a chance on me. Thank you for trusting me enough to guide, encourage, and inspire your own transformations — ONE DAY AT A TIME!

We Are All …TRULY in this TOGETHER.


What’s Coming Next? …

SEPTEMBER 8th marks the start of our next round of the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge! Start thinking about your nutrition NOW. Begin recruiting your girlfriends NOW…. You are going to need all the support and accountability you can get!!!

I have A TON of NEW & EXCITING TOOLS coming your way to help make this next round of the challenge YOUR MOST SUCCESSFUL YET!!!!


Can you say… BRAND NEW WEEKLY MEAL PLANS, Recipes, and Shopping lists — for 5 Meals/per day — for less than $10/mth?! Yep! Check it out and sign-up for your FREE WEEK TRIAL HERE:

Can you say… PRINTABLE WORKOUT CARDS, videos, and exclusive daily motivation … Delivered every day DIRECTLY INTO YOUR INBOX?! Yep. Don’t rely on logging into social media to find your workouts everyday — join the other 150k SMART Bikini Body Mommies who LET ME SEND EVERYTHING TO THEM EVERY MORNING FOR FREE!!!! You can sign up to receive them by subscribing here:

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail… SEPT. 8TH is literally around the corner!!! Don’t wait Until Last Minute… Set yourself up to be successful NOW.

Lets do this!!!
xx, -Briana


  1. says

    You look amazing, Your progress is so impressive! Just wanna say thanks, I’ve been working out with you for the last six months, and have enjoyed every minute of it. I just found out that I’m pregnant, and excited to continue on with you for the next challenge, I’m determined that this pregnancy (my 4th and likely my last) I will workout all the way through.
    I feel stronger and more fit than I have in years, and just climbed a mountain (a vertical mile!) without struggling at all. I’ve never measured or weighed in really (wish I had!!), but I look forward to doing that AFTER this baby once I get back in shape! Thank you!

  2. Andrea says

    I just wanted to thank you for all the inspiration. You look great! I tried on my first bikini since getting prego with my first and while I’m not completely there yet I have made huge strides thanks to you. And now that my hubs is on board I know the next 90 days will be even better for me.

  3. Michelle says

    OK, I’ve told many at my job about your challenge and kept wanting to complete it but have been my own roadblock…so I saw the before and after pics today and decided to start today! Just finished day 1 2.0 and many what a difference! I really love you have the timer, warm u and cool down all in the same video, great for me!! I am approaching the big 40 and want to be healthier! Thank you for motivating me!!

    • admin says

      Thank you for your feedback Michelle! I am glad that you started your journey! I hope you will continue to check in to let me know how it’s going. xx, – B

  4. Lauren Henderson says

    Awesome workouts, love all your BBM blog! I’m on day 40 and feeling so much stronger. Definitely needing some lower impact workouts for my knees though. But thanks for all the modifications you show! You’re an inspiration:)

  5. Leslie says

    I have just recently found your channel & all of your fabulous tools!! I just finished Day 4 of your first 90 day challenge :) I’m wondering if I should start your third challenge on September 8th or should I finish the one I’m on? I wasn’t sure if the challenges are sequential & get harder as everyone gets more fit! I hope this makes sense ;) Thank you for being such an inspiration! I am hoping to be down a hundred pounds by next August 2015!

    • admin says

      Hi Leslie .. you need to do what is most motivating to you. If you are going strong with the first challenge I say stick with it .. but if you are sensing a lack of motivation and support jumping on September 8th may help you feel more a part of the BBM Community.xx, – B

  6. Catherine says

    Just a suggestion, it would be great if there were links to Day 1 of each challenge to make it easy to find. I love all your stuff but I find your website a little difficult to navigate :(
    Thanks for everything!!

  7. Sarah says

    quick question on purchasing the meal plan, will i be charged $9.99 US dollars? Sorry just a little confused when checking out and its $9.99 CAD. And we have never purchased something from Canada on Paypal, so we didn’t know if there would be any troubles with paypal?

  8. sherrie says

    Day One of the 90 Bikini Body Mommy challenge is done. Woo hoo. Just ordered my Meal Plan and printed it out. Time to go Grocery shopping! Confession: I’m excited about the Pumpkin Protein Bars!

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