It’s ok to brag…

I completed the BBMC 2.0 ChallengeIF YOU DID IT, SHARE IT. It’s ok to brag…

As mothers, we are used to supporting, encouraging, and congratulating everyone else on their accomplishments in life — but rarely do we do the same for our own. In fact… I think many times we almost feel like we need “permission” to boast about our accomplishments. Well permission has been GRANTED Bikini Body Mommies…

If YOU Just Completed My 90 Day BIKINI BODY MOMMY CHALLENGE 2.0 — the WORLD SHOULD KNOW. Posting the image above is a great way to share it with your friends, and is a much less terrifying alternative to the idea of blasting your social network feed with your 90 Day #BikiniBodyMommyChallengeProgress pics [***although don’t forget to still email them to ME: Subject Line: Success Story] 


P.s. DONT FORGET to come back and keep checking in on my blog • facebook • YouTube • Twitter • and Instagram [@BikiniBodyMommy] for all of the EXCITING DETAILS surrounding the next 90 Day Challenge that is set to begin MONDAY, SEPT. 8TH!


  1. Amanda says

    Hi, Briana.
    I ordered your journal; however, I put North Pole, Alaska and for some odd reason for the shipping information it says North Pole, Arizona. I’m not sure if it’s just a glitch, just wanted to make sure I’ll end up receiving the journal. I ordered 20 days ago, hopefully it comes in on time for the next challenge. Thank you! :)

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