It’s DAY 38 BIKINI BODY MOMMIES! Time for another Strength day .. Are you ready??????? xx, – B


  1. Kate says

    Briana. This is seriously changing my life. I have seen incredible results so far, and I’m on day 27. I have signed up for your weekly meal plan as well as the 12 week meal plan. I am wondering if it’s possible to get the meal plan you used in the 1.0 challenge? I have been using the first four weeks and am relearning how to eat, which I think is really important for me to continue being successful AFTER the challenge is complete. I’ve emailed you re: 1:1 training as well, but have not heard back. Help?

    • admin says

      Hi Kate,
      There was not a specific plan used for 1.0. Each week a new plan is released, the old one archived and not available for purchase. xx, – B

  2. April says

    I have on pre-baby pants on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got them buttoned with out sucking in and no excessive muffin top!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much Briana I am loving these results!! Almost in tears.

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