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OK BIKINI BODY MOMMIES .. I hope you are feeling STRONG today because I have one doozy of a workout for you!!!

The YouTUBE Videos this week are going to seem a bit out of order because this was “the week” I was really sick and had to postpone the professional workouts until I was well enough to do them. Despite being sick, I still filmed the CARDIO DAY Check-ins IN REAL TIME so the videos will flip-flop and one day I’m Well, and the next I look, sound, and feel like death. I hope it’s not too confusing!

Without further ado… Here is the YouTube Video with Todays Workout:
(SPOILER: I give lots of great advice throughout the workout so even if you aren’t working out to the video version, you’ll still want to watch it!)

Today we are doing (1) Bent over Dumbell Rows, (2) Rear Foot Elevated Lunges, (3) Elevated Push ups as well as (4) Elevated Mountain Climbers!

You will set your timer for 1 Minute. Perform as many of that exercise as you can for that FULL minute, then take a minute rest .. and move on to the next. Do this for EACH of the 4 exercises … then repeat :) You will want to do 3 ROUNDS.

Bikini Body Mommy - Day 50

Do you still love me?

You CAN do it! I BELIEVE in YOU! I know how STRONG you are getting because of these workouts!

I’d love to hear how you did! Be sure to check in when you’re done! xx, – B





  1. says

    Love the workout but completely in love with this blog. I have recently gained a lot of weight. The good news is I know what I am capable of and am back on track. Your blog is just extra encouragement to keep on moving. Thanks so much.

  2. michele says

    thank you!!!
    I was feeling exhausted after an awful long day and was going to go straight to bed when my GAP (who’s normally briliant) said do it, just go to bed and do double tomorrow or next rest day… and that’s when i realised i owe it to ME so i did it, didn’t have the time to rest after each so decided to take it as a challenge to do it tabata style
    so did each exercises with a 10sec rest and after the set of 4 took a minut rest
    managed to do my three rounds
    exhausted but feeling re-energised and soooooo good about myself
    yes i am proud (and that is a major shift in me )
    so thank YOU

  3. says

    Hello, my name is Andi and I just wanted to let you know that I have started a Facebook event with my friends with your challenge. I thought you would be happy that we are joining your movement. We have a $5 entry fee to make it fun and the person with the most weight lost wins the pot :) Our challenge starts March 3, 2014 @ 6:00am and ends May 31, 2014 @ 6:00pm. I am super excited to do this. You have inspried me to insipre others :)

  4. Lindsay says

    On non cardio days would it accelerate the weight loss process to double the workout and do cardio too? Or is that going to be counterproductive?

    • admin says

      You can always do more Lindsay, but you do want to keep your body guessing and make sure your nutrition aligns with the amount of effort you are expending. xx, -Briana

  5. Christina says

    Great workout, killer but I am proud to have finished it. Scores: Rows: 60/64/65, Lunges: (L-R) 18-11/12-12/16-15, Push-ups (Incline-Knees): 10-10/10-15/5-17, Mountain climbers: 40/52/56 Thank you so much for these awesome workouts. I am really starting to feel a difference!

  6. Jen says

    Of course I still ♥you. :-) You’re such an inspiration. I’ve lost 8lbs total so far. Just can’t wait to see a dramatic change.

  7. Jen says

    My scores:
    Bent over rows …65
    Rear foot elev. Lunges….20 ea leg
    Elev. Push up…20, modified …5 knee modified..6
    Elev mountain climbers…111

  8. Jenifer says

    Mentally struggling, here are my scores….Bent over rows- 40/43/40 Elevated lunges- L20/15/23 R 20/18/18 Elevated push-ups 19/16/20 modified allat 10. Elevated mountain climbers 57/47/51. Just curious what were your scores on day 50?


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