And I know you LOVE these — It’s a CARDIO day coming at you!

A reminder that you have TWO CHOICES today.

For the BIKINI BODY MOMMY 90 day challenge I am offering you a CHOICE on ALL of your cardio days going forward. YOU can choose … a 45 minute cardio session OR 20 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout.


When done properly, a Bikini Body Mommy 20 minute HIIT cardio session can be JUST AS … if not MORE beneficial to our bodies then a 45 minute steady state cardio workout.

For more information on BIKINI BODY MOMMY HIIT, please click this link:

Be sure to check in here when you’re finished with your workout today! I’d love to hear what your choice of the day was!

xx, – Briana


  1. Josie Hoisington says

    I’m not sure if it is just me…but the video is coming up as “private” and won’t let me watch :( I look forward to your video…please help!!!

  2. michele says

    done and done, i was reading something yesterday sayign to do work out in the morning so you don’t have the dreaded feelign as the day go by that it won’t be done or it’d hard but i am NOT a morning person…i gave it a try though, they advised to pack your work out clothes for the day the night before and put them where you can see them from your bed it’ll make it that bit easier to actually jump out of the bed and get it done there and then
    and what would you know…IT WORKED
    1 hour of brisk walk and 20mn stretches done, shower and meal cooked and all of that before lunch whoohooo now i feel i have a DAY and HALF of rest (even considering doing a little work out exercises later on…but i should probably pace myself there’s a long road ahead)
    so proud ladies and sooo energised it’s amazing how two weeks has already impacted on my energy level
    have fun girls

  3. Melissa says

    Choose the HIIT today…… Doing better with the soreness now! I have not really gotten my confidence yet but I LOVE seeing my endurance increasing!

  4. Natalie Johnson says

    I am loving the cardio days. I was never a fan of cardio, always looked at it with dread. But I’ve been biking to work, and on cardio days, I bike to work, then home again at lunchtime, have a quick mommy-baby session with my little girl, then back to work, and then a longer 30-min ride home at the end of the day. It’s great! It’s day-long cardio! And props to you, Briana for filming yourself to help the rest of us. I already feel stronger and more energetic, and a bunch of us girls at work (mommies and not) as well as guys are all doing your challenge together!


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