Good Monday Morning to all of you BIKINI BODY MOMMIES!

Welcome to WEEK 2! I hope that you enjoyed your rest day and are ready for another week of your BIKINI BODY TRANSFORMATION! In case you missed it yesterday I released a new Sunday Skinny episode HERE:

Welcome to DAY 8!

Today I am introducing a new exercise to you called “Body Builders”. The workout itself is only 10 minutes today ladies … so no excuses.

Day 8
You’ll need to set you timer for 10 minutes.
Perform as many rounds of the “Body Builders” as you can.

Each Body Builder consists of these 8 steps:

1. Position dumbbells under shoulders in a plank position with toes parted wide.

2. Perform push up.

3. Row with right arm keeping elbow close to side.

4. Row with left arm keeping elbow close to side.

5. Contract your Abs and jump your feet in towards your hands so you land in a crouching position.

6. Stand up

7. Bicep curl

8. Shoulder press with BOTH arms over head.

This completes ONE repetition.

After #8, Return to the start (Plank Position) and repeat as many times as you can during the 10 minutes.

**If doing the push up while holding the weights HURTS YOUR HANDS… place your hands on the floor instead!

**If you have DIASTASIS RECTI YOU’LL NEED TO MODIFY THE PLANK/ROW/PUSH-UP PORTION OF THIS MOVEMENT by leaving out the plank and push-up … For the “Row” I want you Perform a standing BENT-OVER ROW then continue with the bicep curl to over head press…

Be sure to record your score. We will be doing these several times through the BIKINI BODY MOMMY 90 DAY CHALLENGE and I am certain you will want to see your improvement over time.

Good luck! xx, – Briana



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  1. says

    37 with 5lb weights – I started out with 8lbs and, wellllll … they are round. It did not end well. Feeling pretty ok with 37 just under half on my toes!

  2. Megan says

    32 reps, half without weights. Thank you for this challenge. It is so motivating to do it with so many people at the same time.

  3. Heidi says

    That was EXTREMELY difficult. It is so hard to type right now. HA! I wasn’t able to make weights or buy weights, so I grabbed the quickest things I could find; Two gallons of 1% milk!!! They seemed pretty heavy. When I researched, they’re between 8.5-8.8 lbs. I was able to do 30 reps! I surprised myself. I didn’t think I could do it. To think I was going to go out & buy 5lb weights! I’m stronger than I thought I was. Thank you, Briana!!! It’s because of your amazing challenge!!!


  4. Gina Painter says

    Day 8 done. I kept losing track of my count but I think it was 50 reps, 5 lb weights, mostly modified push-ups.

  5. Christina says

    30 in 8.5 minutes, plus 1 minute plank! Thank you for these amazing workouts. I feel stronger already! Can’t wait to see how I feel in 82 days!

  6. Nina says

    26 with 5kg dumbbells. The hardest part for me were the push-ups. And I concentrated hard on making all moves right without cheating or a rounding back, maybe that’s why it took me so long. It didn’t feel like I was slow, but maybe I was ;-)

  7. Jennifer says

    33 with 5 lb. weights. I didn’t modify the push-ups, but I couldn’t go down all the way every time, either. I seriously thought going into this workout I would need to switch to 3 lb. weights, but in reality I probably could have started with 8!

  8. Marie says

    That was tough but I loved it. Used 10#. I did somewhere around 25. I had a hard time keeping count. Thanks again for doing this.

  9. Tracy SD says

    Ok. So I haven’t been to store, so I used my 2lbs weights. I did 30 before having to go down to knees. On knees, I did 13 more.


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