Bikini Body Mommy Challenge: WORKOUT DAY 36

Bikini Body Mommy Love your legs and booty



I hope that each of you had an AMAZING weekend!
In case you were just too busy to check in yesterday, you may have missed that I’ve released EPISODE of my YouTube series. You can still view it HERE:

Now on to the workout of the day ….

Welcome to Day 26 .. “LOVE your LEGS & BOOTY” workout!

LOVE your LEGS & BOOTY! –If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you just rolled your eyes. My legs and booty have been what I’ve considered my worst ass-et (pun intend) since I was a teenager. Even at my thinest, my inner thighs have always touched. For as long as I can remember, I have been the girl who has avoided wearing shorts like the plague, and always dawned a sarong over my bathing suit to hide my big butt and thighs.

All that being said, the good news is – I am living proof that with a little hard work and some dedication, they CAN improve! This workout is designed to achieve that coveted “thigh gap” ladies, and to sculpt an ASS outta that slab of flab you call a bum.

NOTE that you will do 3 SETS of each of these today.

Good luck

bikini body mommy workout day 36


  1. Annie-Kim says

    Hi, i’m trying to buy your books but cant get through the checkout point….please let me know if your ebooks are still available. ( I live in Quebec, Canada)


  2. Kristin Hickey says

    Hey Briana! Just wondering if you would be posting any days after day 36 on the blog. I will be completing day 36 tomorrow, and like to view the workouts through the blog instead of facebook. Thanks for being such an inspiration!!

    • Whitney says

      I also like viewing the workouts on your blog.. since you haven’t posted anything past day 36 I’ve been using facebook but on another note… these leg days are fierce!!!

  3. Nic Dobson says

    I am confused – the YouTube Video only shows doing 2 of each set but you state to do 3 sets…. I am going with 2 cause my legs are beat but what is the proper count? Loving this series – doing it with a bunch of girlfriends & we are keeping each other honest.


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