Bikini Body Mommy Challenge: WORKOUT DAY 15

bikini body mommy challenge workout day 15


Today is Day 15 of your BIKINI BODY MOMMY TRANSFORMATION! You’ve come a long way and I hope that you are feeling STRONGER and MORE DETERMINED than ever!

REMINDER: Today is your first weigh-in, re-measurment, and progress photo day!  Feel free to dust off those scales (because I know you’ve tucked them away like I’ve asked) and record your weight. Don’t forget your measurements & photo’s (they’re MORE IMPORTANT than what the scale says!) … how is YOUR body changing? Are you feeling GREAT?

MONDAY MOTIVATION TIME: By now, I know that you are beginning to feel… and more importantly SEE some changes with your body — ISN’T IT EXCITING?!  Heck ya! In all of your excitement, you may even start to reach out to friends and family members to preach to BIKINI BODY MOMMY GOSPEL and share your excitement over all of the positive and motivating changes you are making in your life.  GREAT RIGHT?! Well unfortunately,  sometimes the reactions can be less than supportive … if not downright negative.  I wrote a fantastic blog post on this subject, so PLEASE TAKE 5 MINUTES out of your morning to read it — YOU’LL BE HAPPY YOU DID!  Here is the link:  CURING CRABS… AND THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL SUPORT

ONWARD: Today we are changing up the workout and I think that you’re gonna like it!

This workout is comprised of 8 “mostly” body-weight exercises. Be sure to read the directions and only allow yourself to rest for the time specified!

WHAT TO DO: Think of this workout as a game against the clock! Complete each exercise for specified time. Give it all you’ve got, then rest and record how many reps you completed. After you complete the given exercise, REST for 1 MINUTE — then move on to the next exercise, and REPEAT.


***It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you don’t rest for more than 1 MINUTE in between exercises.
(NOTE that due to FaceBook posting restrictions I am only able to share ONE photo per post, so please see this link for details on EACH of the 8 exercises.

You may also view the entire workout on Bloglovin’ at:

Push really hard today Ladies & make sure you post your scores on here afterwards! Let’s motivate and challenge each other — and more importantly keep track of our training day to day…. xx, -B


  1. Sarah says

    Well I am shaking so bad I can hardly type this but I did it! Yay! Each time I workout I think “oh it will get easier” but then you throw something new at us to give us a challenge…I love it! :-) Thanks for believing in me more than I have ever believed in myself.
    Squat Swing: 55

    Push Up T Stands: 32 (modified on knees)

    Lunge Knee Ups: Left 26 Right 24

    Mountain Climbers: These almost killed me “pain is the sign of weakness leaving the body” 32

    Bicep Curls: 36/29/22

    Step Ups: Right 30 Left 31

    Straight Leg Squat Thrust: These were awful too! 21

    Hundred’s: 198

  2. Christina says

    Loving this program! I’ve lost 6 lbs and couple of inches and can’t wait to keep going.

    I’d love to get your books. I’ve had them pre-ordered for forever. Is there anyway to get them as e-books? It would be better and quicker!

    Please say yes!

  3. Angela says

    About to do day 15. Previous comment makes me nervous but I’m still diving in! Also, the scale hasn’t moved but I’ve lost an inch on my waist, an inch on my thighs, and 1/2 in on my arms and I NEVER want to find them again! :)

  4. Priscilla says

    I cant pull up the details of the workout for today.. so disappointed! :( I get the error message below.

    blockUI requires jQuery v1.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2

  5. Paige says

    Loving the challenge. But I’m suffering from peroneous longus tendinitis in my ankle and outer leg. I can’t do high impact right now but don’t want to lose my momentum. Could you suggest some modifications for cardio and the workouts?

  6. NP says

    Feeling discouraged today. Gained weight and still feel the same. I haven’t noticed a difference in my body thee 15 days. My husband has been holding me accountable as all my “online” accountability buddies have quite. Wishing to see SOME progress to motivate me a bit more.

  7. laura mckenna says

    I posted a comment on here last night, but do not see it. I need to see if there are modifications for a bad knee. I have had four knee surgeries, and it can’t take yesterday’s workouts. What else can I do?

  8. Ashley Sertain says

    For my day 15 progress from day 1 my weight has stayed the exact same alil bummer there but at least it didn’t go up. I have lost a combined total of 13 inches and can totally tell the difference in my side picture comparing it to day 1! Today’s workout was a tough one but I worked my way all the way threw it and look forward to day 17 to beat my scores from today!!


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