Bikini Body mommy Fit test Exercise one: speed squats

Alright Ladies — YOU ASKED FOR IT!!! Today we start the Next 90 Day Challenge – Are You Ready? The FIRST WORKOUT for the Bikini Body Mommy Challenge is OFFICIALLY HERE. ***If you watched the GETTING STARTED HOW-TO VIDEO that I posted yesterday, you know that I’m both doing AND FILMING the challenge workouts in real time right along with you ladies!  So please be patient on the videos because there will likely be a 24 hour delay (with editing) in getting the videos posted on YouTUBE

Our WORKOUT for DAY 1 is actually a very important Fitness Test to help establish your beginnings and where you are starting from. The workout is comprised of only 8 body-weight exercises — lasting just 8 minutes long! But don’t be fooled by it’s duration, this workout is a KILLER.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: A stopwatch or an Interval Timer (set for 50 seconds — exercise/10 seconds — REST). If you have an iPhone, you can download the FREE app I use called “IntervalTimer.”

WHAT TO DO: Think of it as a game against the clock! Complete each exercise for 50 seconds — giving it all you’ve got, then rest for 10 seconds and record how many reps you completed. After your 10 second rest is completed — move on to the next exercise, and REPEAT.


Bikini Body mommy Fit test Exercise one: speed squats
Bikini Body mommy Fit test Exercise two: high knees
Bikini Body mommy Fit test Exercise three: push ups
Bikini Body mommy Fit test Exercise four: squat jumps
Bikini Body mommy Fit test Exercise five: tricep dips
Bikini Body mommy Fit test Exercise six: burpees
Bikini Body mommy Fit test Exercise seven: Alternating lunges
Bikini Body mommy Fit test Exercise eight: plank
***It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you don’t rest for more than 10 seconds in between exercises.

Push really hard today Ladies & make sure you post your scores on here afterwards! Let’s motivate and challenge each other — and more importantly keep track of our training day to day…. See ya again tomorrow!

xx, -B

This link will take you to the photos walking you through the workout on Facebook:

WONDERING WHAT TO EAT? Here is my TOP 5 TIPS to help you get started:
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  1. Kristen Miller says

    Thank you for doing this! My sisters and I are doing it together! Just a quick question….is there a fit test video that will be posted? If so, will it be today or tomorrow? Thanks again!

  2. Jacqulyn says

    I am so excited to do this! Your books are out of stock on amazon. Can they be purchased anywhere else or is there a kindle version? Thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. Sarah says

    I never thought 8 minutes could be so grueling but I guess that is what I get after not working out for so long. A college athlete turned mom…just got busy and put my kids first. What I didn’t realize is that by putting them first and myself last I was actually doing everyone in the family a disservice. Time for some mommy TLC. Motivated to get this washed up body back in shape and healthy again! Bikini Body Mommy you are the best! Thanks for the motivation I needed!
    Scores: embarrassing but posting will hold me accountable.
    Speed Squats: 29
    High Knees: 90
    Push Ups: 17
    Squat Jumps: 15
    Tricep Dips: 15
    Burpees: 10
    Alternating Lunges: 20
    Elbow Plank: Full 60 Sec.

    Ready for Day 2: Bring It!

  4. Raw says

    Hi i am a new mommy of a 2.5 months baby. I am 24 yrs old nd i weight 180lbs. I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby. Since i am breastfeeding will there be any exceptions for nutrition or wotkouts u have mentioned. Or should i continue as it is. Thanks for doing this. You are my biggest inspiration.

  5. Nicole says

    I know I am a few days behind, but I just got the green light from my doctor to startmy post delivery work out after 6 weeks. I have really let myself go in the past couple of years from 135 pounds to 178 currently. I feel happy that I am taking my first step because I am trying but I am ashamed at my scores and they are:

    Speed Squats: 36
    High Knees: 98
    Push Ups: 5
    Squat Jumps: 15
    Tricep Dips: 9
    Burpees: 18
    Alternating Lunges: 20
    Elbow Plank: 30 Sec.

  6. Jessica says

    With the elbow planks do you just hold it for as long as you can or are you doing leg raises while holding in plank position? Step 3 confused me when it says push off the ground with right leg? Are we supposed to go back on our bellies and back up as reps or just hold in plank position and see how long we can hold It? I just got a little confused with the explanation and looking at the picture! Thanks for the help! pS loved the workout, kicked my butt!

  7. Angela says

    I am a late comer but I’m following your blog so I will get the workouts. Just did day one and had no idea how out of shape I was!!!

    Speed squats: 26
    High knees: 51
    Push ups: 15
    Squat jumps: 10
    Tricep dip: 18
    Burpees: (just kill me now) 5
    Lunges: 12
    Elbow plank: 30 sec

    I found my muscles were good for way longer than my breathing was! My poor unconditioned lungs! Lol

  8. Monica says

    Starting a bit late.

    Speed squats: 23
    High knees: 37
    Push ups: 24
    Squat jumps: 12
    Tricep dip: 13
    Burpees: 4
    Lunges: 7
    Elbow plank: 30 sec

  9. Jessica says

    I’m super late starting this but I’ll just follow along a little bit behind you all.
    I’m a mom of a 13mo baby boy. I was 150 pre pregnancy and am now at 165. Not a huge jump, but I am sorry sluggish and have a major mommy pooch. Day 1 workout was way harder than I expected. I found myself majorly struggling to make it to 50 seconds each time.

    Speed squats: 33
    High knees: 60
    Push ups: 24
    Squat jumps: 15
    Tricep dip: 9
    Burpees: 10
    Lunges: 21
    Elbow plank: 50 sec

  10. Kelsey says

    Just started today, but I’m ready to rock it! Wooooo!

    1. Speed squats – 28
    2. High knees – 104
    3. Push ups – 17
    4. Squat jumps – 26
    5. Tricep dips – 20
    6. Burpees – 8 (Yuck!)
    7. Alt lunges – 23
    8. Elbow plank – 30 sec.

    Thanks for posting these! You’re awesome!

  11. says

    Although I had every intention on starting this when everyone else did, my start day is today. Yay!

    speed squats 19
    high knees 81
    push ups 22
    squat jumps 14
    tricep dips 8? quit cause I thought I was doing it wrong.
    burpees (did not attempt cause I was dying) :)
    alternating lunges 15
    elbow plank 50 sec

    This is new for me. I’m totally out of shape and need to lose 190 lbs. This fit test was grueling. Praying that I will continue tomorrow. :)

  12. Jenny says

    Wow. I am soooo out of shape. I just completed the Fit Test (2 weeks behind the majority) but at least I started. I am 5 foot 2 and weigh 200lbs (ashamed). Can’t blame it on my babies…my youngest is nearly 5 and three years ago I was at 130lbs. I have suffered from depression for 6 years and inactivity, poor diet and medications have contributed to my huge weight gain. But, I’ve had enough of this weight and it’s time to change. My scores are embarrassing, but in the spirit of honesty here they are:
    Speed squats: 18
    High knees: 75
    Push ups: 13 (modified)
    Squat jumps: 14
    Tricep dips: 11
    Burpees: 7 (easy)
    Alternating lunges: 13
    Elbow plank: 40 sec (modified)
    Gotta start somewhere I guess. Even though I after I finished I felt TERRIBLE, I am glad I did it. It can only get better. Here’s to a journey to renewed health and fitness!! :)

  13. Kia says

    First day (yeah, I know I’m late) but so glad i started. It was tough, but i know it’ll totally be woeth it in the end. Let’s GO!

    Speed Squats: 40
    High Knees: 63
    Push ups: 25
    Squat jumps: 29
    Tricep dips: 19
    Burpees: 15
    Alternating Lunges: 19
    Elbow Plank: completed 50 sec hold

    Can’t wait to see these numbers go up!

  14. says

    Whew!!! Starting 3 weeks late, finishing right before Christmas!!!

    1. 30
    2. 75
    3. 5—these are a killer—trying to do perfect form, man it is hard to push yourself up without losing form
    4. 17
    5. 21
    6. 10
    7. 20
    8. 50 sec with a 5 sec. rest. Trying to hold those abs in!!!!

  15. Sarah says

    I just started today and man am I out of shape!
    Starting measurements:
    chest: 46″
    waist: 47″
    hips: 46″/52″
    thigh: 23″
    arm: 14.5″
    weight 240.4

    fitness test:
    squats: 24
    high knees: 32 (i actually lost count several times so it was more than that)
    push ups: 19
    squat jumps: 11
    tricep dips: 9
    burpees: 2 (ok i basically gave up after 2)
    lunges: 17
    plank: 16 s

  16. Megan says

    Wow! That was tough…feeling a mixture of good and exhilarated…and sick lol (in the good way). Looking forward to the rest of the challenge.

    Speed Squats: 23
    High Knees: 98
    Push Ups: 19
    Squat Jumps: 16
    Tricep Dips: 20
    Burpees: 11
    Alternating Lunges: 23
    Elbow Plank: 50 seconds

  17. Irishlady says

    I’ve just found was meant to be… I decided Monday was my day and I found you today!!

    Its 6 months to my 40th birthday and I want to be fab. I’ve two beautiful sons, 10 and 8.

    Two years ago I lost 35lbs. I’m skinny fat if you know what I mean?

    90 days. I cant wait

    Thank you B xx

  18. Kenda says

    Got the go ahead from my GYN after a hysterectomy, so starting late, but, really need this.
    speed squats 26
    high knees 66
    push ups 12 regular, 7 modified
    squat jumps 17
    tricep dips 12
    burpees 7
    lunges 17
    plank 50

  19. Rachel says

    Just started this challenge tonight! Ready to get into the best shape of my life!
    Speed Squat 32
    High Knees 22
    Push UPS 20
    Tricep dips 25
    Burpee 7
    Alternating lunge 17
    Elbow plank 6 drops lol
    Squat Jump 10

    I am a 25 years old, mother of 2 girls and I just let my self go and I am hear to bring myself back to a healthier state of mine. My plan is to complete this challenge and repeat as necessary to reach my goal of being a sexy beautifully healthy woman! Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Natasha says

    I know im starting off schedule,but I stumbled across this link and thought it was wonderful! I have a 15 month old that I need to keep up with, and have about 85 lbs of “baby weight” to lose. I am hoping that with a little extra help, I can finally become a healthier me.
    I truly didnt think that I could get such a workout in 8 minutes! I hade to keep telling myself— “one more, one more!!!”

    Here are my stats:
    Speed Squats- 29
    High knees- 75
    Push Ups- 25
    Squat Jumps- 30
    Tricep Dips- 15
    Burpees- 8…teehee
    Alternating Lunges- 35
    Elbow plank- 18 seconds

    I look forward to day 2!

  21. Sierra says

    Wow day one was killer. Never realized just how out of shape I am. But you have inspired me so much. I hope so badly that I can discipline myself enough to keep this up. I really want to get my pre baby body back. My son is 6 months now and it’s time I do something. :) thanks again!

  22. Kelly says

    Better late than never! Just starting day 1 :)

    Speed Squats: 30
    High Knees: 130
    Push ups: 21
    Squat Jumps: 20
    Tricep Dips: 20
    Burpees: 9
    Alternating Lunges: 23
    Elbow Plank: 25 seconds

    I can’t wait for Day 2!!

  23. Kari Pendley says

    Oh my gosh! I just did FitTEST and it kicked my butt!! can’t wait to see what I can do at the end of the 90 day challenge! And I will get to the 90 TEST!!! doing the DietBet right now and this will boost my weight loss for sure. Just need to keep it up and go strong!!
    1. 27
    2. 102
    3. 21 did girl style :(
    4. 23
    5. 15
    6. 10
    7. 18
    8. 31 sec

  24. Amber Ferguson says

    Hello from Australia ♡

    Have been following you on instagram for a while now, but only just noticed your 90 day challenge. I have a 5 month old, and another 5 kilos to lose, so starting my challenge today! Very late I know, but better late than never!

    1.speed squats-26
    2.high knees-87
    3.push ups-25
    4.squat jumps-18
    5.tricep dips-29
    7.alternating lunges-20
    8.elbow blank-50 sec

    Great little workout! Going to give it another try tonight :) thanks so much BBM xxx

  25. Erin says

    So embarrassing. But you have to start somewhere and better late than never


    However, this was after my usual workout. So I’m expecting a drastic improvement next go around!

  26. says

    Wow! I was in good shape pre-pregnancy and still would have been whooped by this workout. It was challenging but do-able! Thank you so much can’t wait for Day 2!

  27. says

    Started today! Woo-hoo this fitness test was tough!

    Speed Squats: 27
    High Knees: 100
    Push-ups: 20
    Squat Jumps: 20
    Tricep Dips: 21
    Burpees: 10
    Alt Lunges: 17
    Elbow Plank: 35 sec

    Thank you for all your hard work putting this together. :)


  28. Amber Cannon says

    I am starting over with Day 1 today. My results were 51, 108, 30, 27, 40, 10, 24, 50 sec. Is there an easy way to find Day 2 workout (and the rest of them, of course)?

  29. Emily says

    I am very late on my start. I just found this website the other day and I want to get my motivation back so I am going to do this 90 day challenge and kick its butt!!! I am looking for an accountability partner during this to keep my motivation up and keep me in line!!!

    Speed squats 29
    High knees. 70
    Push-ups mod 24
    Squat jumps 26
    Triceps dips 16
    Burpees 12
    Alt lunges 18
    Elbow plank 50 secs

  30. Kate says

    I can’t get the top 5 tips to pull up!! Anyone have any suggestions or who can send me these please email them to me!

  31. Kate says

    So just did measurements, weigh in, pics and FitTest. Although I am grossed out, out of breath and extremely out of shape, I am ready for a change! I still need an accountability partner so any takers just email me at or add me on FB Kate McGough Lackey. Here goes nothing:
    Current weight: 177.8
    Chest: 46 in
    Waist: 41 in
    Hips @ narrowest: 21 1/2 in
    Hips @ widest: 42 1/2 in
    Right thigh: 26 1/2 in
    Left thigh: 27 in
    Right arm: 13 1/2 in
    Left arm: 13 1/2 in

    1. Speed squats: 34
    2. High knees: 90
    3. Push ups: 20
    4. Squat jumps: 10
    5. Tricep dips: 12
    6. Burpees: 5
    7. Alternating lunges: 15
    8. Elbow plank: 50 sec.

    Let’s get it girls!!

  32. Lindsey says

    Wow – I’ve been watching since the beginning, but had to get my feet under me with a newborn. Here’s what my Fit Test stats were:
    1. Speed squats: 36
    2. High knees: 102
    3. Push ups: 16 (all on knees)
    4. Squat jumps: 22
    5. Tricep dips: 31
    6. Burpees: 12
    7. Alternating lunges: 22
    8. Elbow plank: 30 sec.

    Will do photos and measurements now – yikes. Excited for Day 2 and most of all for a plan!!!
    Thank you, BC!

  33. Sarah Jane says

    I am so happy to be starting on this journey today. I feel like I am finally mentally ready for this. I have 100 lbs to lose & you are such an inspiration Briana! Thank you!
    Here are my scores:
    1. 18
    2. 64
    3. 11
    4. 10
    5. 9
    6. 4
    7. 19
    8. 30 sec.
    Hey, at least I didn’t quit!

  34. Amy R H says

    so glade to see I am not the only one that is just starting this! thank you for taking the time to help us get fit and posting all of this info! I am ready to make a change for sure
    1. 26
    2. 95
    3. 27
    4. 18
    5. 20
    6. 7
    7. 17
    8. as long as I could and kept going until the time was done

    I want to improve, coming off an injury it is hard but I am ready to be better than I was and try hard to make an improvement!

  35. Rome says

    Wow that was TOUGH! I wish I’d started this long ago though.
    18 before my 2yo jumped onto my back :/

  36. Vanessa says

    Ok, so I clearly started late and my kiddos are 10years old and 5 years old. After a miscarriage about a year and a half ago I let myself go. I am 5 ft and 1 in and about 180lbs, ugh! Today I did the day one fit test and I am completely embarrassed but here are my results:


    On to day 2 tomorrow…

  37. Stephanie says

    This is my fourth day on the challenge but first day trying the exercises!! Can I say intense! Love it, can’t wait to push myself harder and see results!

  38. says

    Hi, may I suggest you create a new page and past all the bikini body posts in chronological order so people can find them easily and do them in order.

  39. Becky says

    Omg this first day kicked my butt! I’ve let myself go since my ankle surgery 2 years ago and this is just what I needed to lose this weight so I will be able to run around with my little girl!
    Weight : 204.6 lbs

  40. Addie says

    Just found this and I’m going to start tomorrow! My baby is 4 1/2 months old, and I’m definitely ready to get back in shape. I need to lose about 45 – 50lbs to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. Not only do I want to be back in my “skinny” clothes, I just want to feel better! I’ll post my results of the fit test tomorrow!

  41. Pammy says

    I am just now joining the revolution! :) Had my beautiful baby boy 7 months ago and have some weight I could afford to lose! Here are my totals:
    Squats: 43
    Knees: 105
    Push-ups: 15
    Squat Jumps: 15
    Tricep Dips: 30
    Burpees: 8 (How did some of yall get so many?? These KILL me)
    Lunges: 17
    Plank: 25 secs, rest for 2 secs, 25 secs

  42. Emily says

    Just found this. I’ve been working out pretty regularly for the last month but been getting a bit lazy since there’s no structure to it. So I started this today.

    Speed Squats: 30
    High Knees: 84
    Push Ups: 25 (from knees)
    Squat Jumps: 14
    Tricep Dips: 15
    Burpees: 10 (beginner)
    Alternating Lunges: 18
    Elbow Planks: 40 sec.

  43. B says

    Starting very late! But better than never!! Went for a run this weekend and it felt great, I’m excited to get into this!

    Squats: 26
    High knees: 56
    Push ups: 10 (modified)
    Jumps: 24
    Dips: 17
    Burpees: 6 (modified)
    Lunges: 18 (or 9 per leg)
    Plank: 48 sec

  44. Nicole says

    I just started today my scores are:
    Speed Squats 34
    High Knees 80
    Modified Push Ups 26
    Squat Jumps 17
    Tricep Dips 24
    Modified Burpees 8
    Alternating Lunges 20
    Modified Plank 54 seconds
    If anyone else wants a buddy who just started you can reply and we can go from there!

  45. Courtney says

    Speed Squats 41
    High Knees 91
    Modified Push Ups 18
    Squat Jumps 34
    Tricep Dips 21
    Modified Burpees 8
    Alternating Lunges 26
    Modified Plank 60 seconds

  46. Katie says

    I just had my fourth child (via emergency c-section) and am about 80 pounds overweight and let me tell you I have never felt so out of shape as I have in the past 8 minutes!!! But here’s my scores
    Speed squats-20
    High knees-76
    Push ups-10
    Squat jumps-13
    Triceps dips-8
    Alternating lunges-7
    Elbow plank- 10 seconds

    I dint modify any but am going to until I can get stronger.

  47. Heather says

    I’m starting this today. I have some medical problems (pulmonary hypertension) as well as others so I’m doing stuff as I’m able to breath..I weigh 187 :( but hoping to lose some! But here are my fit challange numbers:
    Speed Squats: 23
    High knees: 20
    Push ups: 20
    Squat jumps: 19
    Tricep dips: 21
    Burpees: 10
    Alternating lunges: 13
    Elbow plank: 32 sec.

  48. tami says

    so what do you do if you cant even finish the first day fitness trial? I was so out of breath by the fourth things I couldn’t even finish. I was in absolute tears! I feel I have bitten off more then I can do. Do I dare even move on to day two? Or do I keep doing day one until I can get all the way through?

  49. Rosanne Freer says

    I did day 1 yesterday, April 26, 2014.
    1. 37
    2. 84
    3.19 modified after 6 reg.
    6.9 modified after 2 reg.
    8 50 sec

    Thank you for the inspiration!!!


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