STRETCH MARKS: The Good, the Bad and the UGLY

Bikini bdy mommy stretchmarksNo, my body isn’t PERFECT.  It has given birth to THREE kids.  It has gained and lost over 100 pounds.  Yes, I am covered in scars that reflect this truth.  STRETCH MARKS.  It’s a word that negatively effects most womens self-esteem to the core, and I am covered in them.  My stomach, my hips, my thighs… and worst of all my A**!  (I’d show you, but I have to leave some things up to the imagination…) ;p

When I asked my Mister for help with taking the photo you see above, he looked at me totally bewildered and the first thing out of his mouth was, “WHY do you want to show them THIS?!?!” –– I knew at that moment that I was doing the right thing.

I don’t know a single woman who proudly displays her stretch marks for all to see.  It’s no wonder given the fact that mainstream media does everything it can to hide such imperfections in the thousands of images of actresses and models that we are bombarded with everyday.  I think it’s really sad that we as women are embarrassed and ashamed of the marks that are left on our bodies from baring our children, or from any weight loss that follows––we’ve earned them!

Taking the above photo and writing this post was anything but easy, but given the amount of times that I am asked on a daily bases about whether or not I have stretch marks, I thought it was extremely necessary… if not my public duty, to be vulnerable enough with you all to share mine.

While I’m fortunate enough to be able to hide most stretch marks under my underwear/swimsuit line, the thought of simply proclaiming “I have stretch marks” and showing them to the world wasn’t enough.  I wanted to cover the subject in greater detail.  So without further ado here is my personal Bikini Body Mommy guide to preventing, repairing, and diminishing STRETCH MARKS.



The term “stretch marks” is really a misnomer. They are caused by hormonal changes and not just the skin stretching. Creams and other topical “treatments” can make the skin softer and more elastic, but they will not prevent stretch marks, nor make them go away. HYDRATION is the single biggest preventative measure that can be taken to ward off stretch marks because it directly effects the collagen fibers of your skin.


To be honest, I’ve had very little success with topical creams and I’ve tried the gamut.  To be fair, I probably wasn’t using them soon enough after I first noticed the stretch marks appearing, which is when most dermatologist say they’d have the greatest chance at being most effective.  That said, I have found a topical skin care combo that has great reviews amongst those who have started early and applied often at the onslaught of their stretch marks first appearance.

1/2 cup olive oil
 • 1/2 cup aloe vera gel
 • 10 vitamin E caplets – prick & drain into mixture
 • 5 vitamin A caplets – prick & drain into mixture
*Mix all of the above together and store in the refrigerator. Apply daily


Last but certainly not least is my FAVORITE “PHOTOSHOP IN A BAG” LOTION called PRTTY PEAUSHUN [pronounced: pretty potion].  This stuff is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE for masking ALL of your skins flaws!  I first learned about the product from a make-up artist who was styling me for the cover of a woman’s health mag.  HOOKED after that initial introduction, it quickly became my SECRET GO-TO WEAPON during times when I have to be in a bikini for a photo shoot, or even when I’m just spending the day at the beach with my family and I want to make my skin look flawless.

I wear MEDIUM, but it comes in a spectrum of different colors.  Here is the link to get it for yourself: PRTTYPEAUSHUN

TRUST ME. You won’t want to go through this summer without it!

IN CLOSING: I hope that I answered everyone’s questions about stretch marks, and if nothing else that you found this blog post inspirational.  If so, I’d love for you to SHARE the photo above with all the women in your life.  I’d also love to hear your feedback in the comments below, or on BIKINI BODY MOMMY Facebook Page.

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  1. Jenna says

    Thank you! I have tried everything. I gained 80 pounds with my first and lost it all after 2 1/2 years. I learned my lesson and only gained 30 pounds with the second, but now I am fighting the stretch marks. I am going to try the cover up. PS I will be wearing a bikini for the first time since high school this summer.

    • says

      Woo-hoo! I love the conviction behind your bikini statement Jenna! I have no doubt that you’ll make it happen! Keep me posted on your progress…. I can’t wait! -Briana

      • Krystle says

        Hey Briana!! Your program is amazing!! It says in my info that I started on the 1st of January. I actually started on Novermber 26th of 2014! I just completed day 51 of the 2.0 challenge! I can’t wait to do 3.0! I joined late but I wanted to connect with you and all of the other wonderful women that are participating in this challenge. You are a great teacher! Keep up the good work! XOXO

  2. Alison says

    Thank you for posting this!! You are helping all of in our battle to accept our bodies. Thanks for being so courageous!

  3. Brandiss says

    This is fantastic!! I have two children 3 and 9months both were born around 9lbs and it unfortunately left me with some pretty bad tummy stretch marks! I hate them, but some how there is comfort in knowing that other people feel the same! It was very brave of u to post this, thanks for all of your inspiration! I just started my 90 day challenge today and I can’t wait to be an after. PS that fitness test was a killer just like u said, but it feels good to know I am stepping in the right direction! Thank you for what u do :)

  4. stephanie says

    thanks for this. i have some on my thighs and chest from losing weight (no babies yet) and they drive me nuts.

  5. says

    I just gave birth almost 5 months ago and am battling with my stretch marks; They are right below my belly button and still quite dark. I try not to get too down about them, but they are so annoying. I will definitely be trying both #2 & 3, as I drink as much water as I possibly can now! Thanks so much for your inspiring posts. xox

  6. says

    SO thankful for this post! You are truly right- the media brainwashes us into thinking that stretch marks are a bad thing when in all logical thinking—- they should be celebrated!
    So often as women we feel that our bodies have to be perfect- it is great to know that a bombshell can have stretch marks AND be PERFECT all at the same tim. It isn’t all or nothing!

  7. Alison says

    Came here via Tim Ferris – Briana, you are an amazing and very motivating, inspirational woman! Thank you for all your work here, for having the courage to share personal experiences and thus encouraging others not to give up. Good luck and success to you!

  8. Morgan says

    This made me realise I shouldn’t feel ashamed or embarrased about my stretch marks. I have 2 kids (19months and 4 months.) I gained alot of weight with my first 80lbs, but walked everyday for 2-3 hrs total. But he ended being a 10lb my stretch marks are vicious looking. With my second I watched what I ate and only gained 25-30 and had an almost 9lb baby boy. I’ve tried and tried to start working out again but bc of work and not having the energy I couldn’t get motivated.

    But this article has made me realize I can’t just wish it all away..I have to work on it. Thanks for helping me realize that :)

  9. Sofia Nilsson says

    I recently found your blog, you are a true inspiration!! I have about 55 pounds to lose but not gained due to pregnancy since I do not have children. But I will still continue following your blogg for more inspiration :) I am curious about your height if it is okay to ask?
    Thanks again!!
    / Sofia, Sweden

  10. Django says

    Your post was SO inspirational. I have olive skin and am deathly afraid of stretch marks… this is very vain, but it is a huge consideration for me in the decision whether or not to have children; I don’t want to SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE IN HIDING, feeling ugly because I don’t have photoshop fixing my image like the models in magazines do.
    The way you put it, “I’ve earned my stripes,” is so brilliant.
    I applaud you for this brave post!

  11. says

    Hi Brianna,

    Thank you so much for this post. I loved it and could relate to it sooo much. You are truly inspirational and in many many ways. Inspired by your weight loss story, I have also now decided to go on a SCD. Today was my first day. Lets see how it goes. And now I am going to browse through the rest of your website! :)

  12. Lhydhia says

    Thanks for you encouraging words.I initially thought stretch marks was a thing for a few single women but I have realized it could happen to anyone.If you have count yourself lucky because you skin was able to fight it. But whatever be the case whether stretch marks or not let’s all be proud of ourselves and our bodies and our partners will appreciate and love us as such.

  13. Emily says

    I am a mother of four and I recently to the beach and wore a bikini and I proved to myself that I was not going to let these marks of love keep me or my confidence level down. I WORE IT PROUD!!!!

  14. Mara Holinger says

    Briana, I started the challenge 2 weeks ago and I’m already feeling great. I was so happy to come across this post this morning! It really helped me to feel proud of my stretch marks, thank you!!

  15. Viva says

    Hello and thank you!

    I am 25 years old mommy, gave a birth 6 months ago and ended up with a belly that looks like i just got out of a serious fight with a tiger…doctors told me, I’ll have stretch marks and loose skin at the start of pregnancy, thanks to my, as they described it, weathered skin…had some already on my lower back, tights and arms, from my teenage years. And thanks to a pretty complicated labor, i have loads of loose skin, which even after loads of workout I do, still doesn’t want to shrink, but I’ll keep on doing it, I earned my marks, I’ll earn my body back. And if you have any good advises about that, I’ll be very glad.

    Thank you and keep up the good work

  16. Amanda says

    I just bought my first bikini in 5 years (son is 4, daughter is 16 months) and I am scared SH*TLESS!!! I’ve lost most of the weight, but of course our bodies still never look the same as they did :( thanks for the push!

  17. Sorita says

    Thank God I read this today I’ve been feeling very down by the fact of having so many stretch marks after given birth to my sons one 3 years old and 11 months, I gained 20 kilos with my last one a I am only 1.60m weighting 67 kilos I need to loose 11kg(24 pounds) your blog inspired me I will get the repair formula ready tomorrow and start applying it. I will be fit and ready for my next holiday in a bikini!

  18. Todd says

    Briana,you look REALLY HOT since your weight loss and I especially LOVE your innie bellybutton,for it’s SO NICE AND SEXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Melinda says

    Had to leave a comment. Once when I was down about my stretch marks, my hubby said to me, “if you could have the perfect body & no kids would you?” Obviously I said no. He said, “there are millions of women out there who would give up there nice tummies to be able to have a baby & can’t. They are a badge of honor. I don’t see stretch marks. I see my wife who gave birth to 3 of my kids.” Eating healthy & being well hydrated & being active is key to a good mindset. Briana is the perfect model of this.

  20. Brittany says

    I love Love LOVE that you are so willing to share with us. I gained 45lbs with my son (who just turned a year) and I also gained a tummy FULL of stretch marks. I beat myself up about them every day but being reminded that most women get them and that someone whom looks flawless in pictures does indeed look like me is inspiring.
    I definitely want to try that lotion once you help me get down to bikini size! Only thing is is I have a tattoo that is mangled with stretch marks :( Oh well maybe when I am more comfortable in my skin I will be more comfortable with showing a little flaw :)
    Thank you again! I am only on day 4 of 2.0 and I already feel like a million bucks!!!

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