DON’T STOP: Transforming YOUR Bikini Body and My TOP 5 TIPS for Staying Motivated Along the Way!

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Nearly every day my inbox is flooded with hundreds of questions about how — after having 3 kids, I was able to lose 100 POUNDS and ultimately achieve the results you see pictured above, in less than a year.  Well, I mapped out the process in my NEW BOOK Bikini Body Mommy Blueprint, and tackled the 3 MOST IMPORTANT FACTORS behind any successful transformation in my last blog post… however, much of the feedback and questions I’ve been receiving since have been surrounding the 1st of the three factors I outlined — CHANGING your MINDSET.

That’s right, contrary to popular belief, it would appear that the #1 area we as women struggle with the most surrounding weight loss isn’t working out, and it isn’t even our diet! NOPE. The number one thing we seem to struggle with the most is our MINDSET, setting goals, and sustaining the motivation long enough to reach them!  Soooo … in hopes of inspiring you all to NOT ONLY get started with my Bikini Body Mommy Challenge but to also STICK WITH IT,  I’ve decided to elaborate, and dedicate an entire post covering this issue!

Before I get started, I think it’s important to note that reading this post for the short lived motivation and inspiration it gives you over the next 3-5 minutes, is one thing. But if you are actually serious about sustaining those feelings and changing your body once-and-for-all, you need to take action on the points I outline in each step!

**For some extra built-in accountability… Once you’ve finished writing out your goals and Bikini Body Mommy Action Plan, I challenge you to take a photo of it and post it on INSTAGRAM or TWITTER with the hashtag #BikiniBodyMommy  — I can’t wait to see what all of you amazing women decide you want for yourselves! Without further ado….

Briana Christine Bikini Body Mommy

#1 Know WHAT you WANT and WHY.

“Intention is the energy that guides the journey…” What is your motivation, and what is the driving force behind you wanting to lose weight and transform your body in the first place?  You can not wonder aimlessly through this transformation process ladies, you have to start the process with a very specific intention in order to get a very specific result!

#2 Set Goals for YOURSELF

Set goals that are realistic and attainable, and update them accordingly.  While I’m not a fan of the word “realistic” being used in correlation with weight loss and body transformation, there are limitations.  Not limitations on what you can achieve — but the time in which it might take you to get there.  Are you going to lose 50 pounds in 30 days, NO.  But you could certainly lose 50 pounds in 4 1/2 – 5 months.  So the important take-away here is that I want you to make monthly, weekly, and even daily goals.  Doing so is what will keep you excited and engaged throughout the entire process.

#3 Track Your Progress

Take progress photos, record your measurements … Be engaged in your weight loss/transformation process from start to finish!  The best way to take control of any situation is to educate yourself.  LEARN ABOUT YOU … know whats going on with your body!  Journal things about what you are eating, how food effects you, when you are exercising, when your energy levels fluctuate, and you might even learn ways to predict and prevent when you’re about to have a “bad day.”

#4 Utilize Social Support

I know everyone says it, but it’s SO IMPORTANT that you have a positive support system through this process. It’s the sole reason that I created the BIKINI BODY MOMMY COMMUNITY, so find a friend. Social support is amazingly powerful and it doesn’t matter who it is as long they can motivate, inspire, and hold you accountable.  Social support is such an important factor that I wrote a detailed post covering the subject about a month ago, please make sure at the end of this post that you take a few minutes to read it HERE : CURING CRABS.  Mental-Health, Fitness, Diet and Seafood…

#5 “All or Nothing” is TOXIC

You MUST do away with your “all or nothing” thinking.  Perfectionism is absolutely toxic to seeing the results that you want!  Coming to terms with the fact that you are not perfect, and that this process will not be perfect, BEFORE YOU BEGIN will allow you to celebrate your small victories instead of beating yourself up when you eat a cheeseburger or skip a workout. Developing this discipline will help you build character, and it will absolutely ensure that you ultimately get the results that you want!

So let’s hear it Bikini Body Mommies … What do you want for yourselves?  How do you want to look and more importantly — feel?! How much weight do you need to lose to get there? When do you want to lose it by? Write out your goals, develop that Bikini Body Mommy Action Plan!  Again, once you’ve finished, I challenge you to take a photo of it and post it on INSTAGRAM or TWITTER with the hashtag #BikiniBodyMommy  — I can’t wait to see what you decide on!

Lots of Love, Your Trainer and friend -Briana <3

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  1. Yvonne says

    Thanks Briana, this is just what I needed. I am a 40 y.o. mother of 3 active kids, and have been trying several times to “motivate” myself to get back into shape. Every time I am inconsistent with my work out plan, I give up. But after reading today’s Bloglovin from you, I don’t have to be perfect every minute of every day in my exercising, healthy eating, or even as a person. I am a work in progress, so today I am going to write out my goals, take my pic, and start my exercise plan. And every time I feel myself “failing” I will come back to this site and reread it. I hope you yourself have a wonderful day and thanks for motivating others.

  2. Dana says

    Thank you! You are very motivational.
    I don’t know about posting a picture, but I will take one.
    See you on the healthy side!

  3. S Sorenson says

    I appreciate this easy to follow program in many ways. Recently, while traveling and over 1/3 of the way through the program, I landed in a hotel WITHOUT a fitness room, in a city that I didn’t know. Without a safe place for my cardio days, I moved furniture, found the hardest work outs you’ve had me do, then put them in between 100 jumping jacks. Day 36 and not a day missed. I’ve never said that before. One day at a time- and I’m off the scale as I was discouraged about not losing weight fast. It makes seeing my new muscles that much more rewarding. I’m a mother of 4 boys ages 6-13 and now I can say, it’s about time I get my muscles back! Thanks a ton- can’t wait for the new book!

  4. savannah says

    You are truly an inspiration! I only have one child, she is 4 1/2. She definitely keeps me busy though! I have made so many excuses for why I havent lost the weight after having my daughter, but no more!! I am beyond ready to get my pre-pregnancy body back!! No more mommy pooch! I would like to lose about 60 pounds by July-August, I’m wondering is that too much for that time period? My number one reason to lose this weight is to become much healthier, not to just look and feel good about myself. I also want to set a good example for my daughter and possibly motivate my husband!! Not that he needs to lose any weight at all, he can eat whatever he wants and not gain a darn pound!! But he could eat healthier! Anyway, thank you for everything you do! You have inspired me to finally kickstart my weight loss goals!

  5. Nicole W says

    I am 34 and have NEVER worn a bikini. I was 109lbs when I had my daughter at 17 years old (weight gain was 35lbs). I did lose the weight but over the years due to stress in my later 20’s I started putting weight on and finding comfort in food. After I had my daughter I was left w/ numerous stretch marks and an overlap for a belly even though I was down to 120lbs.

    I had my another daughter 3 years ago which made the stretch marks and overlap even worse. I have always hid my body by using clothing that “sucks you in” but come on ladies, those things are so darn uncomfortable that I found myself going into a restroom at a restaurant and throwing it away!

    I am starting this TOMORROW! My worst enemy is the scale. If I see numbers going down, I am instantly thrown off track. That will be my ONLY discouragement from this. Seeing numbers going down, to me, means I can binge eat and it all comes back.

    Here’s to new beginnings….. :) I’m excited! This has been the only site, over years and years of reading information, that really lays out a plan that isn’t grueling.

  6. says

    This is such an awesome post and you are such a WONDERFUL inspiration. I too am blogging my journey to lose 120 lbs and I am so thankful that other like you are around to help keep me on track. Can’t wait to peek around your blog!

  7. Tanya says

    I know I should take better care of myself and lose weight, but I’m very concerned about exercise affecting my milk supply. When I tried to work out after my first child, my milk supply dropped drastically even though I was drinking a ton of water. Is there a way to avoid this and still drop the baby weight?


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